About Kyloe Blue
Carly Walker: Vocals/Piano
Kevin Ludlow: Guitar/Harmonica
Sasha Klare-Ayvazian: Keys/Guitar/Vocals
Kevin Ludlow

Born in the northeast and raised in Houston, Kyloe Blue co-founder Kevin Ludlow is a life-long guitarist who has spent the past 20 years living and playing in Austin, Texas. In Houston he was a founding member of the pop-trio, Dill. He would go on to play with two local Austin acts, Scrubs and deProfundis. After being introduced to Austin's very own guitar virtuoso, Monte Montgomery, Ludlow sold his electric guitars and began focusing exclusively on a unique acoustic blend of music that often relied on alternative tunings.

15 years later and he is still experimenting with non-standard tunings, acoustic tap harmonics, neck bending, and a variety of effects generally not performed on an acoustic guitar. Many of those sounds blend into the works of Kyloe Blue such as "The Giving Tree".

Outside of Kyloe Blue, Kevin owns and operates a software company, is a writer, a pilot, a political activist, and two-time candidate for the Texas State House of Representatives.