About Kyloe Blue
Carly Walker: Vocals/Piano
Kevin Ludlow: Guitar/Harmonica
Sasha Klare-Ayvazian: Keys/Guitar/Vocals
Carly Walker

A Florida native, Carly Walker, is a veteran to the stage. She is the co-founder and front-woman for Kyloe Blue. Her voice spans the entire spectrum of audible beauty. Her tone can vary from quiet and simple to rich and powerful all within the scope of a single song, even within a single measure.

Carly spent two years singing and touring with one of Austin's most beloved funk bands, T-Bird and the Breaks. After the band split in early 2015, she and Ludlow began working on creating the sound for what would become Kyloe Blue. The depth of Walker's soulful voice can be heard over her piano on songs like "These Days".

In addition to managing and writing songs for Kyloe Blue, Carly performs with local Austin band, KP and the Boom Boom and has performed live with the local Austin group founded by bandmate Sasha Klare-Ayvazian, American Dreamer.