About Kyloe Blue
Carly Walker: Vocals/Piano
Kevin Ludlow: Guitar/Harmonica
Sasha Klare-Ayvazian: Keys/Guitar/Vocals
About Kyloe Blue

Ever meet someone at a Cold War Kids concert in Florida and then form a band with that same person three years later...in Austin, TX? Founding members, Carly Walker and Kevin Ludlow, forged a friendship as well as a band with the creation of Kyloe Blue. With inspiration ranging from Brandi Carlile to Pearl Jam, from Bill Withers to Coldplay...Kyloe Blue blends the landscape of the traditional Americana music genre with the influence of soul, rock, and pop. This fusion creates a fresh balance of unexpected keyboard riffs, sweet harmonies, and honest lyrics. The core of Kyloe Blue includes multi-instrumentalists with varying degrees of musical influences. From this melting pot comes the heartbeat of a band that will leave you singing unforgettable choruses and staying late for your favorite final tune.

Kyloe Blue's self-titled EP was released in 2015. Over the course of that next year the band continued pushing into new markets and booking shows at many prominent venues in Austin and San Marcos (Saxon Pub, Lamberts, One-2-One Bar, SpiderHouse, Sahara Lounge, KIVA Lounge). Kyloe Blue will release their second EP in the spring of 2017. This new release stems from pushing personal boundaries with honest exposure of emotions and experiences. This rebirth and focused journey has produced raw lyrics with a heartfelt connection between the listener and the storyteller. The music finds its path weaving through varying time signatures with unexpected twists into multiple musical fashions within a four minute song. Kyloe Blue follows no straight and narrow path to any particular music genre.